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Check it out guys – our new song “Don’t Hear Me Wrong” has been featured on Raised on Indie’s website.

Centrevol Jukebox: The Final Results

The votes are in and tallied, reaching over 240 votes!  Here are the songs you picked for our show @ Que Sera on Friday July 16th.  See you then! 

Centrevol Covers:

“My Sharona”  by  The Knack  with 33 votes   
“Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon with 18 votes  
“Tootsie Roll” by 69 Boyz with 13 votes  

Centrevol Originals:

Shine A Light    
Fifth Avenue Dream    
Too Much To Ask    
Beggars and Thieves    
Twenty Million Watts    
She Moves Me (Like A song)    
Lose Yourself    
Dose of Hope    

 Centrevol w/ Travis Ross and Matt Shockley

@ Que Sera, 1923 East 7th Street
Long Beach, CA 90813-5104

Friday July 16th, 9 pm. 21+

$10 (includes free weel or domestic drink).

New Live Footage

Hello Centrevol Nation:

Just wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to all who were at our “Help Haiti” benefit concert. You guys helped support a great cause and helped us get some amazing footage that we will be sending to colleges across the nation to book our next tour! PLEASE send the link to the youtube video above to all your friends and show them what a good time a Centrevol show is.

Speaking of the good cause, right after the show I saw an article published May 24, 2010 in the latest  TIME magazine which had an article on what’s happening in Haiti. The need is still great and you guys helped a great cause. Check out the article here:

We will remember that moment during “Shine a Light” for a long time to come. Thank you all for your loyalty and support. See you at the next show!

HELP HAITI: Benefit concert

Alright guys, the math is simple: If you have been wanting to get involved in social justice in Haiti and have been trying to figure out a way to give, we have the best deal for you: $33 bucks goes to help someone in Haiti get clean water for 20 (twenty) years! And, it’s a win win because you get a designer tshirt AND a free performance by yours truly, the boys from Centrevol. I guess it’s a win win win because we get to play for a full house of crazy Centrevol fans all wearing the same tshirt! Please check the promo video we shot giving you more details on the event.

Show details:

Thursday, May 13th, 9pm, Que Sera, 1923 7th St, LBC.

FREE ADMISSION with purchase of “help haiti” tshirt. Here is what the tshirt would look you if you were some dude who has never eaten a carb in your life:

Please order your tshirt by FRIDAY MAY 7TH AT 2PM PACIFIC TIME to get it in time for the show. If you are reading this after that day, a print out of your receipt will earn you free admission, or, you can purchase the tshirt online at the show… but we’d highly prefer it if you guys all showed up wearing your support for this worthy cause.

Here are all the links you need: Faith & Fortune, purveyors of socially relevent fashion. charity:water, the “in the trenches” org bringing safe water to the people of Haiti.

Thanks you guys, see you at the show!!!

In the studio, Day 1

Finally, the epic clash between man and machine has begun. The struggle between the will of humans and the might of computers and microphones ensues in California. Soon, there will be only one victor, and it must be us, the shining warriors of Centrevol!!!

As many of you have heard, we have crawled into the hibernatory state of album-recording this week. We began tracking our much anticipated album at Infrasonic Studios, a tracking, mix, and mastering studio in East LA that has hosted artists such as Beck and The Mars Volta. We have had many many months of preparation and writing in anticipation of this studio time, and we are pushing for this album as if it will be the one to give us the national attention that we so desire. Interestingly, when I was interning at Universal I worked on promoting The Mars Volta’s first major label release “De-Loused in the Comatorium,” 2003. Now I’ve come full circle and am working on (hopefully) my first major label release.

The cover to their album "De-loused"

We have the honor of having a large budget and working on this album with producer Eric Palmquist. Also on board with us is Dan the Drum Tech and Ian the engineer. The studio is quite impressive, with tons of character. I’ll start with the best part: a custom Neve board with the pre-amp God’s signature all over the dam thing. In addition, there is a huge selection of vintage drums, basses, keyboards, and amps:

The security

We began tracking “basics” which means focusing mainly on the rhythm section (specifically drums and bass). We set up so that we could all be in the main room with Nate, Pete’s amp was in the iso-booth/hallway, Jon’s in the bass closet of doom, and mine in the kitchen. We tracked basics for 4 of your 7 soon to be favorite songs: “Don’t Hear Me Wrong”, “On a Roll”, “Save Yourself”, and “Walk the Line” (by Johnny Cash). Things are going smoothly and we are ahead of schedule! Check back soon for some vids of our antics in studio!

We’re being attacked from all fronts!!!

People of the universe! The next glorious Centrevol local show is upon us! Let us rise to arms and support the lads of Love Centr and be at the next show! I’m excited to announce that our neighbors “The Secret Six” will be sharing the stage with us. They rehearse downstairs from us and we have become hooked on their tunes as they exude a catchy and epic sound that mere mortals can only aspire to.

Please click here to hear their tunes!

The video and the flyer says it all. I’ve included a video of Brady, an honorary nephew to the band who is adorabliciously dancing to one of our songs. Cuteness exploitation in the name of getting people to come to our show? Two words: Eff and Yeah. Please come out, cover is only $5 and the drinks are cheap. We are SERIOUS about starting at 8:30 because we have got to get people home to bed, some of us have to work in the morning!!!

Centrevol, Secret 6, One High Five

Que Sera, 7th and Cherry in Long Beach, CA

8:30 SHARP, $5/21+

Alright Peoples, let’s do this!!!!

Alright, if you weren’t at the last show we did at Que Sera, you would know because you are not-dead… that is, we killed it at the last show! Our friends Ann Lynn and Shaimus assisted us in destroying the audience with infectious indie vibes and dance-rock-aliciousness! Now it’s time to do it again and you’d better get your booty over to Long Beach so you can get dead too!

Once again we have some talented bands sharing the stage with us; please visit them online at by clicking on the band names below:

Tiger Tank Euphoria


Last time we had a little flub with the time at which the door was to open, that is, we had to turn some people away before 9pm because the bar wasn’t open… well no more!!! The doors will be open at 8pm and we will have music starting at 8:30 SHARP!! That is, 8:29, no music, 8:30 music. You there at 8:29=happy, you not there at 8:30=sad. $5 at the door means cheapy door for lots of music, but if you miss either of these bands, your life will end incomplete (and who wants that?). Please stay in touch with us and post if you have any questions need rides etc. See you thursday!!!